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    3 Significances Of Afrikan Unity

    “I can see no security for Afrikan states except Afrikan leaders like ourselves have realized without doubt that salvation for Afrika lies in her Unity” – Dr Kwame Nkrumah (Speech at the closing session of Casablanca conference: January 1971)

    When Bob Marley sang “Afrika Unite”, few persons understood what he meant, and I wasn’t among those few.

    I thought “Afrika unite” meant Afrikan people should just be attending meetings together, holding hands together emotionally, but that’s not true, although that is what is more obtainable today.

    Afrikan unity is a practical application of the Afrikan love and wisdom philosophy known as “Pan-Afrikanism”.

    Pan-Afrikanism is a philosophy that All Afrikan people worldwide should UNITE to solve the problem of all Afrikan people.

    The philosophy of Pan-Afrikanism which has Marcus Garvey as its father, is the only known way to the restoration of the glory of the Blackman, and that ideology gave birth to the United Afrika or United States of Afrika.


    1. Afrikans becoming One:
    Afrikan Unity signifies the Afrikan people becoming one people; it means that all of us from Gabon, Chad, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Niger, Azania (South Afrika) all become “Afrikans” first, and not Libyans, Haitians, Angolans.

    Being Afrikan, means assuming your full Afrikan identity and seeing all Afrikans as your brothers and sisters and fellow citizens.

    It means the Afrikan people share their poverty and wealth, joy and pain, oil and sweat together in the good times and the bad times and at all times.

    It means all Afrikans solve the problems of all Afrikans together, rather than say, oh Zimbabwe is under sanction, no! The Afrikan man sees it and says, “oh our fellow Afrikans are being persecuted, we can’t let our brothers suffer alone!”

    The oneness of Afrikans is the protection of Afrikans. It makes us our brother’s keeper, a protected people; the Afrikan citizenship is an elevation of status to the level among the world top citizenship, which greater than any regional nationality which is nebulous on world stage.

    2. United Afrika means Afrika uniting Afrika into one single super country.

    The United Afrika, which Dr Kwame Nkrumah and Muma Gaddafi sacrificed their lives for, and which Bob Marley sang about, and which we advocate for, is for Afrikans to gather up the divided, weak, colonised states of Afrika, and merge them up into one single, powerful, free, united states of Afrika: One Country, one nation, one currency, one army, one govt and one people, and of course one language.

    Afrika as one country is what the United Afrika means, and that is to sum up all the powers of the 55 states of Afrika into One Mega country larger and blessed that the united Amerika. That unity will give a seat to a new world power named Afrika, that is what Afrikan Unity means.

    3. The United Afrika is a federation.

    The United Afrika means Afrika as one country running a federal system of government.

    There are 3 main systems of government relationship: 1.Unitary system 2.Confederacy 3. Federalism

    The unitary system of govt, is the system of govt where the central govt is very strong and the regions are weak: It is somehow an autocratic system of govt where the central govt or federal govt dominates the entire state. Such a system is recommended for small states, though it seems to work for China.

    Next, is the Confederacy. The Confederacy is the opposite of the unitary system. In the confederacy system, the center is weak, while the regions are strong. It is a very loose relationship, with semi independent

    The Ancient Greeks had it and suffered the division in it, the US had it, but after the war of independence 1783 they were wise to get together “in order to form a more perfect union”, the EU and AU are confederacies.

    A confederacy is favourable to strong states who just come together for added advantages.

    The most favourable win-win govt is the federal system of govt and that is what the United Afrika stands for.

    In the federation, the federal govt is strong, the component states strong and even the Local govts and councils are all strong, the people are therefore strong. It is also more democratic. USA, Russia, … practice it.

    It is the preferred system for large states, and therefore for the largest country to emerge on earth (United Afrika), a federal system is it. It will make the states of Afrika strong, marching forward, and interdependent.

    The federal govt will have exclusive diplomatic roles and few other roles, while the states do the main work, developing at their pace unhindered, without being dragged behind by slow states. It also hinders robbing Peter to pay Paul, that is, using the sweat of hardworking states to oil lazy states, but it rather makes every state and everyone to buckle up, smarten up and be contributing to the union. It also makes other states secure that they wouldn’t be overburdened.

    The 3 above points: One Afrikan people, One Country, A federation are the main significances of a United Afrika … join hands with us to UNITE AFRIKA!!!

    Eze Chimere Nwauzo
    Pan-Afrikan Leader
    C.E.O haleze.com

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