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    In the world of old, u needed to be privileged to have libraries around u; to learn, to develop yourself to become great, but the world today is different, ICT has made everyone privileged, yet we do not use the gadgets at our disposal fully.

    Rather, than spending time on phone always without profit, these are the ways your phone could enrich you.

    1. First Identify Your Interests:
    Do not spend time just browsing things to while away time, rather, identify an interest or range of interests that would be of benefit to you on the long run rather than the benefit of only those u who are watching.

    If u spend your time watching sports, remember u are adding no value to yourself but to the athletes alone, u should only spend time browsing sporting activities only to learn some skills which would help u improve your sports.

    Key: identify what your interests are, and start investing your browsing hours on them.

    2. Extract Information Based On Your Interests:
    Once you have identified a select few interests, make a list of priority, choose the one u must begin to develop fully. Your interests could be fashion and design, motivation and business. You could make Motivation the first priority and begin to invest time on the internet on it.

    When u have gotten some level of satisfaction in that interest, you could begin to also look at the other interests in your priority list, after exhausting the interests on your list, you could then start from priority one again until u’v had enough knowledge to set to work.

    Key: Get your priority right, browse your priorities daily.

    3. Explore Your Interests:
    Once u have gotten a priority explore it. Browse the internet on it, e.g if it is on Motivation use Google to search for sites that have motivational materials, invest your time on those sites, follow them, read their materials, save the pages for offline reading.

    Find authorities in those areas you have interest in, and learn as much as u can from them, read all that they wrote. Example, in the field of motivation, leadership etc Dr. Myles Munroe left a very classic legacy, read him up.

    Learning from a model reduces your errors a lot and makes u avoid mistakes they made therefore saving u time.

    Message: Invest your phone time exploring your interests so u can realise your greatness.

    4. Get Resourceful Apps:
    Go to Mobogenie app or play store, get Adobe reader app, get YouTube or Tubemate app. Download PDF versions
    of the books, read per second with your Adobe reader or read the pages u saved offline. Use YouTube or Tubemate to save or download videos that improve you based on interests you have.

    Bottom line: Get knowledge, improve yourself.

    5. Learn While Having Fun.
    Rather than watching football and having only fun, watch football skills show to learn the skill, rather than just watching movies for fun watch documentaries which are informative as well as fun filled, rather than watching music videos daily for fun, let it only be that u want to be a musician and u are learning from the music videos.

    Only watch movies or sports or entertainment occasionally, don’t make them your dailies.

    Bottom line: Do not spend your phone time on fun, rather mix your fun time with self development.

    6. Learn Skills Online:
    Invest time with your phone learning real skills, like blogging, bead making, how to make gadgets, Photoshop, mixing, tailoring etc.

    That skill u need to be excellent in your field is online, search it out and start learning.

    Bottom line: Use your phone to learn skills.

    7. Use Your Phone To Begin and Spread Your Trade:
    After days of consistent investment into your skills, you begin to notice that u have a gotten a skill u can use to make a difference. It could be, u have learnt web design, u could then begin to use your gadgets to develop sites, to put them online for people to see them, u have then become productive.

    Use the internet to market your ideas and also do not forget: never stop learning, don’t revert back into whiling away your time, keep perfecting your skills, be a genius with your phone.

    Bonus: Teach With Your Phone
    When u have gotten some progress in what your Interests, next is to begin to teach people about them. That is a way to perfect your skills, to be an authority and also to be of benefit to everyone and yourself.

    God be with you as you become more productive using your phone time.

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