Afrikan Scientist Invents Technology That Can Convert Lightning To Electricity

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    Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidonan, an Electrical Engineering graduate from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in Enugu, has cone up with a lasting solution to the decade long problem of power outage in Afrika.

    Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidon developed a power-generating device that, according to him “can end blackout in Nigeria and Afrika”. He plans to convert lightning to electricity.

    In this interview with The Guardian, Obayagbona details how feasible and applicable his solution is.

    “I have been researching on generating constant power from thunder lightning. That is using a strike of thunder lightning to generate power that can serve Nigeria and Africa for five years and 30 days. That means that whenever thunder strikes for once, we are sure of uninterrupted power for five years and thirty days.

    Thunder storms generate a potential difference of 200 kilo-volts (KV) to 500KV between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere, with a fair weather current of about 2×10-12 amperes/square-metre. In simple English, that’s enough to power a 60-watt light bulb for six months.

    Obayagbona claims that his invention can store up to 25 mega-volts (MV). However, it is only efficient enough to output 20% (5MV) of that for power generation:

    “The conversion zone takes one mega-volt at a time, send signals to other sensory zones which shut down other sensory zones from discharging at the same time. Now the transmission zone of the power generating plant will step down the mega-volt to whatever Nigerians need.

    Nigeria currently generates 330,000 volts, but my device can generate 5 million volts, give Nigerians their 330 KV and still have about 4,670,000 volts left as reserve.”

    Do u believe it is possible?

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