Charlottesville: A Return Of The Dark Days?

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    The nation has slipped into a far darker era, and Charlottesville is likely just the beginning.‘ – Stephen Henderson

    When President Trump was campaigning hard to succeed Barack Obama, some political leaders in Afrika warned black voters “please do not take us back to the dark days” – but that is in the past now as Trump is the president of Amerika today.

    I must confess my role in electing Trump as i campaigned hard for him on the hope he was gonna help in the removal of the “colonial boundaries” in Afrika, a rhetoric which i fell for regretfully, though i still do not prefer Clinton either.

    I do not also imply that president Trump is evil, he has his moral sides which i love and am still okay with like his stand againt gay marriages and abortion, i stand on those beliefs, bu the white supremacist beliefs are not tolerable.

    I remember that President Trump vowed to colonise Afrika for another 100 years to “help” Afrika, whereas it is clear to all that colonialism is a destructive rather than a constructive relationship, and colonialism is a manifestation of white supremacist beliefs which have ravaged Afrika and robbed the Afrikan man of all values.

    I have been watching the aggressiveness towards North Korea, and the restraint which Amerikan govt has been using since North korea is a nuclear power. Had North Korea been one of the unarmed Afrikan countries, it would have been long invaded and destroyed in order to “protect” the people, which is what we saw in Libya.

    So we have the ongoing neo colonialism of Afrika, the US fuming against North Korea,  now the Charlottesville white supremacist riot with groups such as KKK, Neo Nazi etc which are symbols of extreme white supremacy terrorism in attendance.

    All these are wrong, whether the new colonisation of Afrika, or aggression against nations of the world who are not caucasian, or the racism in Amerika, they are all the same, they are evil and must be halted.

    The recent Charlottesville riot and Trump’s response are first steps that Amerika is taking that could lead to thousands of steps backward into Amerika’s dark past, such must be resisted totally as the consequences would burn.

    My take

    1.Decolonise Afrika as a genuine sign of human equality and not the verbal condemnations of one aspect of whte supremacy belief.

    2. Stop the white domination of nations of the world includng North Korea, Syria etc

    3. Stop using UN and her arms to dominate the world.

    4. Implement the calls of justice from black leaders all over the world for equality, reparations, black lives matter etc.

    5. Destroy all legacies of white domination and make all necessary repayments.

    Doing the above and more mark true end of the dark days of white supremacy, mere words without actions are worthless.

    Eze Chimere Nwauzo

    Pan Afrikan Leader

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