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    Have Faith

    Are u discouraged? Have faith.

    Are u in need? Have Faith.

    Are u in debt? Have faith.

    Is your heart broken? Have Faith.

    Is your hope gone? Have faith.

    Does it look like it is over? Have faith.

    Do u look like u are the least of all? Have faith.

    Do u think u are a failure? Have faith.

    Are u lagging so behind your mates and even your juniors? Have faith.

    Are u frustrated? Have faith.

    Do u want to give up on life. Have faith.

    Does it look like God is taking too much time to answer? Have faith.

    Do u want to give up on God? Have faith.

    Does it look like your dream has failed. Have faith.

    Have faith, have faith, have faith.

    Faith is that belief that it will all be alright.

    Faith is that hope that is there when there is no hope.

    Faith is that patience, that tenacity, that little light when life seems gone.

    Faith is that key to overnight turnaround.

    Only believe, do not give up on what is yours.

    Do not give up, only have faith.

    Eze Chimere Nwauzo  

    Aleze Social Media (haleze.com)

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